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01 logline


She’s quietly frustrated, exhausted, burning-out; losing hope, she discovers what’s destroying her life, she breaks free, she’s on fire again.

02 synopsis

Her hidden & unspoken internal battle is undermining and keeping her from being one of the world’s best performing leaders. She’s On Fire is the break-through experience opening the door to freedom for every woman held back.

03 about the show

Six women struggling with career success help each other lose the excuses, lose the fear and, ultimately, lose what's holding them back. For all the winners that open the door to freedom, their dream is now in reach. All contestants have the opportunity to live free and be On Fire again. 


With the help of an online multi-media experience, supported by multiple virtual coaches, the contestants will face a series of tough challenges - physical, mental, and emotional - that will change what they believe, value, and how they move forward into their new world. Who will have the willpower to live free AND be On Fire?

04 off-screen

The off-screen experience will still include all of the experience

benefits (content, one-on-one coaching, online events), just without recorded content for the show.

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